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Win at birds.

For real. Bird watch, keep score, remember your outings, tweak your settings, win at birds.

Your birding bookkeeper.

Track while birding or hiking. Birbingo helps you quanitify which outings were especially unique by assigning a score to each birding session.

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not snoops.

The geolocation works by the name you type in for the location, not your actual GPS coords. No device permissions or personal data required.

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What is this?

A birding app for hackers.

Birbingo™️ is a simple free app for birders who already recognize the birds they see. Make sense and assign a score each time you visit the bird blind at your favorite park.

Local Bird List
Edit and control your spicific local bird list and each bird's point value.
LocalStorage Support
All data is stored locally. No cookies, no tracking, no weirdo bullscat.
Mobile Ready
Use the web app and select Install App or Add to Homescreen to get rolling.
High Scores
Each bird is worth a different amount of points. See more birds, score more points.
Custom Locations
Geo smart. Enter a list of common parks or add a custom location per outing.
DIY (or don't)
This stupid app is made with the help of AI (ChatGPT 4, to be specific). Trust it or don't. The smart money says "don't".

Let's get outside!

Ready to score some birds? Great! Some doofus made a birding app using ChatGPT. This is that app. Clone it on GitHub or use the public webapp.